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Toward Living Peace With Keeping Mental Health

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you a rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light [Matthew xi:28-30]. God talks about mental health because having a good mental health is needed in order through the window of our soul is able to express feelings to God and neighbour, such as happy, sad, angry, joy, disappointed, relieved, and so on. Are you including those that experienced mental health problems? Do not be ashamed to say, yes, because I myself ever did it.

Nowadays, stress is the word most often heard, especially all people who live in most major cities and the stress is the most mild mental health problems and everyone has gotten it. Jakarta City is the place most people in Indonesia who is ranked first getting stress. In this city people with psychiatric disorder to reach one and a half million people from the lightest to the most severe, in accordance with statistical management centre [2005]. Do you want to be a patient who follows? Be careful to say that you have no experience with psychiatric disorders because many people have mental problems but did not realize that he really are experiencing these problems. The Holy Bible gives enough room for people who experience mental health problems. My story is begun with a problem called stress. What is stress?

Definition of stress. Stress is the body’s reaction to the action of someone who could come from outside the body or from within his own mind, so mentally and emosionally disturbed. This action is a challenge in facing the various demands of life, such as increasing the level of living, natural disasters, avoid predators [lions, tigers, snakes, or crocodiles], an employee facing retirement, competition to get a job, workplace environment or living place, gossip, demanding the church pastoral, the congregation more temporary permit to build was not easy, boredom, and so forth.

Stress within a certain level is good for your mental health. Cholesterol within a certain level of good health to the human body has a maximum level of 200 mg per dl blood. If the maximum levels were exceeded then in in the long term would cause serious problems for the body, such as hardening of arteries, stroke and heart disease; vice versa if the human being had very low cholesterol, also would cause problems for his body, namely weak or powerless. Stress is often seen as negative symptoms in a person, but stress it like cholesterol in the blood of human being, namely, in a certain level of good for the mental health. Humans want to get ahead need to be encouraged with the burden of responsibility for increasing assignment and within limits can still be accounted for. Struggles in your life should be viewed as a challenge to make a progress. Facing the challenges mean ready for stress. Some people seek pleasure to drink in the bar until late at night cannot be equated with the people who read books in the library for four hours all out, although they produce stress. One is slowly but surely getting ruin his life while the other one also stress but getting useful knowledge more. This is a reality to get in the life of healthy spirit that it is better one day in God’s place than in a thousand days from elsewhere. Wich do you prefer?       

Manage stress. Stress cannot be avoided because the presence is part of human life itself. So, what is needed is how to manage stress itself. Many people have succeeded in various fields due to successfully manage stress faced by them. The successful leader is the person who has done to manage tress. How to manage stress?
§    Delegate a part of your activities. Jethro, Moses’s father in law saw how exhausted Moses from morning until evening had to deal one by one the people of Israel from the big and important cases to small cases. Jethro advised him to delegate some of all activities to the few people who are trusted and responsible for leading all groups of people of the Lord of large groups to small groups. All small groups  leaders take care of daily affairs, otherwise Moses take care of all the more pressing business urgency and thus most of workload of Moses has been delegated successfully to others so that he avoid unnecessary stress. The Holy Bible did not say explicitly whether Moses got stress, but Jethro said to him : “You will become very tired …”. Extreme fatigue is the beginning of the stress. In this case the external factor is the very heavy workload of Moses that is alone taking care of over one million Israelis [Exodus xix:13-27].
§    Create a rational plan. Easy to stress compared to urban communities in the countryside. They often make no written standards for success, for examples : I would have to marry, if I were 27 or I would have to establish well economically, if I were 40. If you think one area that is not into your territory, you will get stress definitely. You do not know when you will marry, he who set this problem, so you need not specify the age that you should get married. Sustanance comes from God not because of your hard work, so you need not to specify what years you will be stable economically. Actually, God gives you a proper weight and good to make your soul finding rest alias doe not  stress, but the human self that makes the problem so that they become stress. Let it you think, if the age of 27 had not yet married, this person would create a new benchmark, for example 35 years … and so on anyway marry anyone and no one called her a spinsters [Proverbs xvii:21].    
§    Forgiving always. Negative thingking will improve more and more hormone adrenalin into the blood and improve the work of the heart to pump blood, so blood pressure is increasing. If you hate someone, you have added an unnecessary burden because God never teach you to hate other people. The more you hate, the more viscous  mind him, increasing heavy burden on your mind, and last you will be lacking of pleasure. Your soul rebel [reaction] against this your negative thingking, in unpleasant condition like this that you are really stress. God teaches you you may forgive all your enemies as much as  70 times 7, whose meaning is not limited to [Matthew xic:21-22].
§    Giving thanks always. Either to be unmarried man or unmarried woman for both are praise the Lord. Today can only eat hotdog and drink some water, O praise the Lord, it is very simple breakfast for American; today can only eat bacon sandwich and drink some water, O praise the Lord, it is for English; today can only eat pecel rice and tempe and drink some water, O praise the Lord, this is very simple breakfast for Indonesian. If an employee demands too much and hard to employer and vice versa if an employer thinks about wealth accumulation and future investment, in fact both will be arising up burden of their own minds. Absolutely! I have ever experienced to be both, so I can tell you about these problems [Luke xii:13-20; Ephesians vi:5-9; 1 Tessalonika v:18].
§    Do not hoard problems. Every day there must be a problem, solve your problem today, right now, no postponing your problem allowed. You may be angry or upset to others, but do not let that happen until sunset. If the problem is not resolved today, tomorrow a new day you wake up, you are ready to face tomorrow’s problem plus the problem has not been completed yesterday. One problem today is enough heavy but add one postponed problem will make two heavier burdens in your mind, it mean stress is waiting for you. Let your day pass with one problem only and tomorrow will face the other one [Ephesians iv:26].     
§    Stay away from gossip. These are activities of most women in all over the world. Ask anybodies, what most women like? You would get same answers about this, that is gossip. Ten men come together in a small room, anything keep quietly; but two women in a very big space like foot ball field their sounds would echo anywhere, for their talk not enough one talk, maybe two, three, four things … many things. Usually, telecommunication companies provide cheaper rates on three-minute first, the rest has increased. The telecommunication companies has conducted extensive research of human behaviour that the conversation of the first three minutes is very important, the rest is hu, hu, hu, hee, hee, hee … the conversation is not important. If you don not want to be talk of others or gossip victim, never follow-up the gossip and keep your ways in the association. Do not watch tv at event infotainment … off. This event is filled full gossip [1 Timothy v:13]     
§    Having a trusted friend. A good and cheap medicine of stress is you have a trusted friend the place where you can tell anything your problems until all roots. Finding out a trusted friend is very hard for it is like to find out a needle in straw. Someone who has problem in his mind, usually the stress burden following him will cool down after he tells his trusted friend anything his problems. Correspondence between your trusted friend and you is a good way to keep away your stress. Look! Paulus often wrote letters to some his trusted friends. Some people consider mother is trusted friend, the other to father, old brother, or to someone who has no relation of blood.

All regards from me to you. Every year many people do general check up to check their physical health. But, have you done general check up for your mental health? When have you begun to do it?
§     Are you easily offended?
§     Are you easily jealous?
§     Are you easily anger?
§     Are you hard to forgive the others?
§     Do you have a phobia of something?
If all of these questions answered “YES”, it is time you have to go to a psychiater, psycholog or at least your priest who experts in this field. Go soon …-

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