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Cirebon Tea Shop

A friend of mine told me about tea of pot communities in Tegal to Pemalang, Central Java. I must add the story of his that the communities of their have been in Cirebon as well, 25 kilometers from the border of West Java and Central Java. Cirebon is not like Jakarta. Most people in Jakarta spend their time in coffee pub, the other side in Cirebon, people here do like them in Jakarta but in tea pub. Everywhere in Cirebon are tea pubs only. After shopping at mall, drinking tea at pub, lobbying business completed in tea pub, the idea of blogging would be bad thinking in mind, if drank not tea in pub, dating would not be fun, if drank not tea in pub. In Jakarta or other places, anyone drink tea in a glass. Yogyakarta is very famous with nasgitel tea, nasgitel is the abbreviation in Indonesian means hot, verysweet, and dense, and drinking in a big glass.

What is tea of pot? In Cirebon or Tegal, people put tea in a small pot made of earthenware [burnt clay material] and drink it in a small cup made of earthenware as well. They say about this, as t.e.h po.ci. This is the other interesting thing of Cirebon else shrimp kerupuk and shrimp soy bean ketchup and Tegal with wa.rung Tegal is a famous brand image in Jakarta. Wa.rung Tegal is Javanese culinary restaurant managed by especially persons of Tegal. There are many restaurant like this in Jakarta, coz many persons of Tegal here.   

The distance of Cirebon to Tegal is approximately 60 kilometers and from Tegal to southern until Slawi is a wide plantation of tea leaves. All tea leaves of Slawi have a good quality and different taste to tea leaves of other plantations in West Java. The famous Te.h Bo.tol Sosro is made of Slawi tea leaves. Some tea leaves of all Slawi plantations will not be too brown, if its are put into hot water, but they are still smelt aromatic of tea. The manner of drink tea here is different to other places, that is with some lumps of rock sugar and the taste of tea of this town has a sensasional touch. Self suggestion only, said my friend of Sukabumi. He doesn’t know about tea of Slawi.

In Cirebon and Tegal, the society level of drinking tea is more important to other drinking like coffee, coz it is a psychologic reason that some one who drinks a small cup of tea poured from a tea pot will pay more attention to being drunken by him. Well, it is like some Japanese drink tea in a ceremony. All Japanese pay more attention ceremony of drinking tea to other drink as sake, that is alcoholic drink. Some people said that drink tea brings our soul to come down. For me? I don’t know, coz either tea or coffee I like both. In a coffe pub in Jakarta, I can sit for hours reading a book while drinking a small cup of espresso coffee.      l tea leaves of Slawi have a good quality and diffrenteaeviatian   

Drink a cup of tea with suitable cookies is fudge brownies. But, it is better to drink a small cup of tea with fried banana or with fried cassave. The first time I drank a cup of tea in this community at a mall in downtown of Cirebon. I saw a woman had brought a bag of rock sugar lumps and it must be pounded with a big hammer. There are two small sugar factory in Cirebon and Tegal that both were owned by companies of Dutch.   

At first of young boys and girls goes dating, journalist, arts, teachers, labours, drivers, until women of householder who like gossiping, tea of pot and rock sugar join them in according to each their communities. The tea of pot is an interesting thing of Tegal and Cirebon that is suitable to developed for culinary tourism, moreover both this town is the way of north shore between Surabaya and Jakarta wich have been never quiet from traffic of car. Both are near the border of West and Central Java, of course after hours have driven car, so never pass to take a rest at nearest tea of pot pub. See you, bye, bye.-

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