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Nurhayati, Mo.jang Geulis Dari Sukabumi

Just mention her name is called as Nurhayati Komariah. I had known her in 1990 when I still lived in suburbs of Bogor. Mo.jang geulis means beautiful girl. She is a beautiful girl. Look at her smile, she is, isn’t she? She is Sundanese girl of Sukabumi. She did and spoke to elder persons very politely. Be happy the man who got her as his wife. You know that all Sundanese girls are like a person sings a song, if they speak one to another. I do not know why Pramoedya Ananta Toer, a famous author of Indonesia has an opinion like this, Sundanese people are like a person  sings a song, if they speak. She looked simple, natural, without cosmetics touch. Wich the man like what would not be tempted to see her smile and her eyes. There was a song I remembered, YOUR EYES TEMPT MY HEART.

She is Sundanese of Sukabumi.
She liked swimming and she had a good social circumstances. I saw her firstly, she swam in a swimming pool in Cimalati, a small town nearby her parents house. I looked at a glance a pair of twin mountain at her chess was still plump and full and still tight. Hemmmmmm … how a beautiful she was … I imagined something beautiful inside her tight swimsuit. She told me a memory of her teacher who gave her a lesson of family when she was still in senior high school in Sukabumi. Her teacher was a woman. Her story has still been in my mind up to now. Her woman teacher said to her that the whole girl pupils had to be able to fit a tie because no one knew that one day all of them would get a husband of entrepreneur or a high level government man who had to fit a tie at her husband neck.  

Sukabumi regency is part of the province of West Java wich has a capital of Sukabumi, 100 kilometers to southern far away from Bogor. From this town were born two actress Deasy Ratnasari and Syahrini, and the late Faried Harja, a singer who was famous with the song of Romance De Amour. This town is situated in a high land that it makes this small town feeled cool. Talking about culinary, what typical food of this town? There is a snack of a typical food here, that is moci cake. This snack is very famous in Wes Java. Tasty.

Once upon time there were some towns in West Javva had gotton flood because the water of some rivers as Ciliwung and Citarum poured out to lower places. I put my hope of  Sukabumi would not got a flood. If Sukabumi had a flood too, mercy for Nurhayati, where she would go out to save herself.

Now, I have married and have a daughter almost 17 years old. Every day my daughter wears white grey top and bottom uniform with red tie. When the first time I show her how to fit a tie at her neck, I remembered the Nurhayati’s story about how to fit a tie … who knows years later my daughter will have a husband as told by the teacher of my girlfriend of Sukabumi.

We had known each other for six month only in the year, after the year of 1990 I didn’t seen her anymore up to now. I was like someone in a dream how I had known her. Well, we should be better separated than going on, for we had a wide difference of religion view between she and I, it is like a canyon has a depth and a width that could not be acrossed. A brightness never mets a darkness forever. But, I had never said and done anything since I knew her. Never kiss never anything. I kept hidden love of herself. We were friend only. I missed her. Sometimes, I long for her.-

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