Senin, 13 Oktober 2014

Unforgetable Sweet Moments

This year our one only beautiful daughter, Yemima celebrated her birthday of sweet seventeen a month ago. For most young girls celebrate their 17th birthday is very important thing for their life. Generation by generation has changed but this sweet moment however, it must be celebrated as simple as they can do. For young girls from the have circumstances, birthday party will be held at luxorious place is a must and no problem as much as money to expense, because they have enough money to do that. Spending money for 100 million rupiahs for the have is not a far out talk in Jakarta. Of course, no throughout of the the have people celebrate this celebration in overexpense and luxorious places. She said to us that when she were 17, she would have a young boyfriend, because all her close friends had. Oh my God! The time walked away quickly. Now she is not a funny baby anymore. She is herself whose no more dependent to her parent or another people.

Why must young girls celebrate the 17th with a special moment? Why not 15, 16, or 18? I remembered a hit song in America around the decade of 60, the title was Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen and sung by Neil Sedaka. Reading the title of this song is easy to guess that maybe, all American young girls celebrate this sweet moment on 16. The number of 17 has a sacral meaning for Indonesia history, that is Indonesia celebrates the independance day on August 17 every year. But there is no relationship to 17th young girl birthday. In Indonesia it had been ever held a rule very strictly that special movie for adult was permitted to watch only by all persons whose had minimal age of 17. The age of 17 is a time of change from dependant to parents goes to more adult than before and the times in senior high school were unforgetable and colourful sweet moments to remember. In the decade of 70, if a young girl was 17, she celebrated her birthday at home with her school friends or at canteen school. Of course cutting the big cake with 17 candles on top. Now, it has been different after 30 years later but the event of this sacral moment is a must be celebrated though it will be held as simple as you can do. Well, if you couldn't celebrate at representative restaurant with all your school friends, you celebrated with your very close friend at cherssen tree and eating ice cream. It is enough.

One by one school friends of her celebrated the sacral event of 17 in accordance with their each mean as I said before. I said to her that though, maybe we had an ability to celebrate her 17 but she should do with no overexpense, for we still had many problems wich had to be handled with a lot of money. So, do first what it must be first. She understood my explaination, so she agreed to celebrate her birthday of 17 at Pisa Kafe, a small pub in a corner street of Jalan Gereja Theresia, nearby Catholic Church of Theresia, Menteng, the centre of Jakarta. My wife, daughter and I got simple dinner here at 19. Many Italians came here, alone or some with their Indonesian women friends. It's reasonable why many Italians come here for most foods are from the country of Sophia Loren, a very populair moviestar of Italy. The chef comes from there. Anyhow, though it's simple dinner, she had something to tell her former school friends when someday she would met again in a reunion of their after years later separated one another.

Some days later after dinner of her small party at pub, her friends and she had gone out for their school vacation to Bandung, 160 kilometres far away from Jakarta. She told us by hp how all her friends had given her a surprise, that is they had given her a small cake of her birthday. She has been a member of cheerleaders of her school, so it's not strange that she has been known by her many friends of Christian senior high school in East Jakarta. She told her mother for she has a handsome boyfriend of Batak tribe. Unforgetable sweet moments always in mind.-

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