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Simple Pouring Hot Water On Coffee Ala Barista

Many people have an opinion that a coffee drinker always has smoking habit. It is not full true this opinion because there is not a relation between smoking and drinking coffee bringing an enjoyable feeling. When I was young I had been drinking coffee while I used to smoke cigarette. Up to now I have been still drinking coffee, even I don’t smoke. Drinking coffee at street side or very cheap coffee shop until prestigious shop I did. I remembered I used to drink two big mugs of black coffee per day when I was young, 25 years old. For morning and evening. A small mug is still larger than a cup. Strong and some sugar. Now I am not young anymore, so it is enough to drink black coffee for two cup a day only, even I don’t have problems of my heart. Coffee has an ingredient to increase your pulse heart, that is caffeine. Caffein influences heart pulses so rising up more than usual. A safe content according to WHO is limited for 150 mg per 100 gram of drinkable. It ‘s enough for two cup @ 200 – 250 ml per day.

Lupis palm sugar sauce cake for cold black coffee.
There are many coffee shops in big cities of Indonesia, especially in Jakarta for very cheap shops until markable shops. Where ever you will drink coffee, to drink a cup of black coffee wich has a sensational taste is a personal enjoyment. There is a fanatic drinker drinking at Starbuck then he makes a member card of this shop but some another drinkers prefer to go to Toraja Black Drink, Wa.rung Tohir or Lu.wak Coffee Corner moreover someone is very fond of Hengki’s Black Coffee, thas is I myself. Enjoying black coffee at coffee shop is comfortable like at home. Sitting at soft sofa while listening soft romantic music and you may be longer here as long as you want. So, never be amazed you would be charged until IDR 20000 for a cup of black coffee moreover the menus of black coffee has many kinds, the price of each menu will be more expensive if the menu has a funny and odd name. Please, be longer time but do not sleep here!

Drinking a cup of black coffee at coffee shop is made by a barista, that is a man who has a skill to pour hot water on coffee. A barista candidate has to be trained for six month before becoming a professional barista. But, you were not necessary to attend training for barista if you would drink for one or two cup of black coffee at your home only.  More than this, the equipment to pour hot water on coffee ala barista is expensive, maybe you must buy for IDR 25 juta. For consumption of electric power is enough large. Let you try my simple way to make a cup of black coffee. Take a teaspoon of coffee powder and put it in a cup. Add some sugar and mix. The whole white granulars of sugar must be wide spreadable in sight on surface for approximately 80 percent. It shows that the ratio of sugar and coffee is enough. Too much sugar will reduce an enjoyable drinking coffee. Let hot water after boiling some minutes then pour into a cup. A mixture of coffee, sugar and hot water in this condition has a temperature for approximately 80 degree Celcius. It is an ideal condition to keep the aroma of coffee.

Never be deceived with the price of coffee powder. Maybe you have an assumption that high price coffee must get a good taste of a cup of black coffee. It is not full true. You would never get a good taste, even you bought high price coffee because you poured hot water on coffee without a true way. You can drink a sensation of cold black coffee, so you should let it cold until room temperature. Then keep in cooler storage for 15 degree Celcius. Let it inside for for an hour. Is it a difficult way, isn’t it? Hot black coffee will be cold for added some granulars ice in a cup or mug but this way will be tasteless for your coffee. Cold sweet coffee from cooler storage is very tasteful to drink with a mug.

What with you drink a cup of black coffee? Some plain doughnut or cold sugar topping, bolang-baling bread of Semarang, ban.tal bread of Medan, or toast filled with peanut butter jam, chocolate jam and spreadable cheese. They are some tasteful choices of your friend to drink coffee. Srikaya sauce talam cake, kolak ketan duren or lupis palm sugar sauce cake is enough tasteful with a mug of cold sweet black coffee after cooled. A tragedy of drinking coffee happened in a very known coffee shop in Jakarta so Wayan Mirna Salihin was dead after she drank some Ice Viet Nam Coffee. Someone who has been the accused in this case is her friend herself that is Jessica Kumala Wongso. In accordance with attorney the cause of death is cyanide inside Mirna’s stomach.  On the contrary, the lawyer of Jessica Kumala Wongso said that the content of cyanide inside Mirna’s stomach was too little to prove that Jessica was the doer of this assassin. Up to now Jessica and her lawyers team have been reading their plea. We should pray to God Lord so the judge has a wisdom could give a just decision before this end of October. My suggestion to you, if you will go to drink a cup of black coffee in where ever coffee shop, be sure that you had pray to God Lord before you left home so you would not get unlucky like happened to Mirna and Jessica.- 


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