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Belimbing Wuluh : Herbal For Lowering Your Blood Pressure

In early September I checked the blood pressure at a drug store not far from my house with digital gauges. The result was not pleasant, that is 148 systolic and 87 diastolic, and pulse rate as high as 84 times per minute. I'm used to maintain the range of 120/80 with a pulse of 84 beats per minute. This high blood pressure at my age still permitted according to the health sciences, but my heart still do not feel comfortable. Actually, my head felt dizzy already light, but I did not say anything to my wife. If my wife knows, so surely she must forbid me to eat this or prohibit this meal. I had to do a second check. Who knows, maybe the digital tools mentioned above are damaged or not calibrated.

Belimbing wuluh. Lowering your hypertension.
On September 17, I did check my blood pressure in one place and I  will do for blood donors. At my age it turns out I was not allowed to conduct a blood donor, but the Red Cross Indonesia branch of Bekasi to keep checking my blood pressure with a measuring Hg. The result is 150 systolic and 90 diastolic and pulse 84 times per minute. So, it is true my blood pressure is high. My head does not feel dizzy anymore, because the body has to adjust to this high blood pressure. Blood pressure is likely to rise further, then I have to take action to lower my blood pressure.

My neighbour used to say, that the belimbing wuluh fruit can lower blood pressure. Not far from my house there is a teacher planted  this tree in the bank of the river, so I picked some these fruits to about 200 gram scales. I chopped thin, put them in a small saucepan, add water about 500 ml, and boiled. When boiling water, leave for ten minutes. Drink decoction of the fruit is once cooled. Do it for once or twice every week. On September 22, a blood pressure checked again by digital measuring tools. The result is 120 for systolic and 90 for diastolic, and pulse rate as high as 82 times per minute. How can my blood pressure rises as high as 150/90?

Drinking too much coffee can raise blood pressure, because the caffeine in coffee cause the pulse rate increased. But this causality was ignored, because it turned my pulse was stable, let alone total my cholestro remain well below 200 mg per dL of blood. I remembered that a month ago I often ate pancakes with their own made-up recipe. I sell these pancakes with trade name martabak sprawl. One pancake recipe produces 10 pcs. I never ate pancakes made-this time in 6 hours by 5 pcs. In one of this recipe has table salt [sodium chloride], 4 grams of baking soda and developers [sodiumkarbonat], 4 grams. For the pancakes as much as I have to consume about 1,200 mg of sodium into my blood. This is the maximum amount to consume per day. Sodium is then accumulated with other foods for days.

I realize now that I have become sensitive to the presence of sodium in the blood, then I must be vigilant frequently check blood pressure. At least once a week. Many food other than pancakes that can increase the accumulation of sodium in the blood, such as fried chicken, fried shrimp, fried squid flour, donuts, salted fish fried rice, so limit consumption of salt, soy sauce, and cheese. However, do not forget to keep your blood pressure with belimbing wuluh!

Note : Belimbing wuluh is different to starfruit but they have a relation as family. The shape of starfruit is bigger than belimbing wuluh. I had opened English vocabulary but I did not find the name of belimbing wuluh. So you see the photo of this fruit above. Belimbing wuluh in Indonesia is usual used to make sour soup mix with chopped meats. Hemmmm ... very delicious. 

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